Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Entertainment

What is more fun that undressing a man and flinging him across a room?

Doing it virtually with Wrangler's new collection. Honestly, I could've spent hours throwing the model around the empty room he stood in.

Now I just need to learn how to do this kind of animation myself...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am a fan of recycling materials into wearable creations.
I've tackled floppy disks, neoprene wetsuits, plastic bags, tea bags, fly screens and old bed sheets, just to name a few. But artist Nancy Judd totally takes the cake with her outstanding designs using things you would never expect. With commissions from some large companies, her couture garments take up to 400 hours to make, and look absolutley stunning.
( Cocktail dress from old rusty nails)
(Plastique Couture)
(Office paper dress)
(Made using parts of a car)
(Fan Mail dress from junk mail)
(Lots and lots of tiny glass pieces glued on!)
(Faux Fur cassette tape coat)
(Plastic bottles cut up)
(Aluminium can beads!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reduce REUSE Recycle

Everything we use, in one way or another, came from the earth. And once we have stopped using it it returns, in one way or another, to the earth. With the nature of a lot of the products being produced these days, the most immediate method of disposal is to chuck it in the wheelie bin and forget about it, leaving it to others to see it safely to landfill.
(Paper bowls!)
But not all products need to end up this way. One website, How to Reuse it Creatively is on a mission to extend the lives of products, providing strategies to remodel materials into new and innovative designs. With step-by-step images, it ensures even the least creatively minded are able to help the environment just a little.

(A bag of cards!)

How far can one item go?
(A tea stand from tea cups and saucers!)

As far as your imagination can take it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love, Lust and just plain awesome

Uh Oh.

(human hair!)

I am in love.

(m&m wrappers!)

With the most amazing website I've come across in a
long time. (I'm always saying this, but I really mean it this time)


(Tree Bark!)


It honestly has everything from eco-fashion to vegan-fashion including garments out of materials you just would never expect.

(e.g. This 'period' piece out of... Tampons!)

I am being super inspired just flicking through the images.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The messenger Bird

Having been around for about 150 million years, birds have had a fair amount of time to sort themselves out. Following seasons and not linear time, seeing things from above, being adept at communication and being receptive to climate change, they have an amazing ability to act as messengers about all kinds of things.

It's these ideas that inspired the name and philosophies of Rachel Bending's sustainable design brand, Bird Textiles.

When I first came across Rachel, as part of the Young Blood Designers Market held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, she had a brand called Sling Fings, which used recycled textiles and powered their sewing machines using solar power. Her methods have always stuck with me, and so when I found a postcard of Sling Fings the other day, I decided to look up where they are now.

The transition from Sling Fings into Bird Textiles has helped to establish Rachel as a pioneer of sustainable design. In 2004, Bird Textiles was recognised as the first Australian company to be 100% climate neutral. Still using solar energy, the company uses sustainable products throughout its entire life, from recycled toilet paper to biodegradable cleaning products, ensuring they are completley self sufficient and offset their carbon emissions.

The Bird Textiles website ( is amazing. You can so easily get lost amongst the images and inspiring text. A truly inspiring brand ethos, working towards inspiring change within the fashion and textile world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Following the ideals of slow fashion, Alabama Chanin is a small lifestyle company that prides itself on being "Grown to sewn" in the USA. This encompasses the artisans employed locally to Florence, Alabama where the company is based who create wonderful one-off products from new, organic and recycled materials.
Through having the artisan responsible signing each piece they make, a unique bond between wearer, designer and item is created.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Too good to go to waste

UK brand Worn Again is using their initiative and is connecting with large corporations and leading product designers to create a mix of recycled products you would never expect. Creating clothes and accessories from discarded and unwanted fabrics, the concept is proving great at getting big brands on board and considering life after death for their textiles, as part of a commitment to alter manufacturing in the UK and divert waste away from landfill.

Their latest project involved the upcycling of old Eurostar uniforms and Virgin hot air balloons, to create laptop bags, oyster card holders (for users of the London Underground) and hoodies, under the range name Bon Voyage.

It's not hard to see why Worn Again was voted Number One Eco Brand by the Independant Newspaper!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Creating Beauty and Creating Hope

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of genie pants made using an old Sari. Today, I came across a label in the UK using recycled Saris as the basis for their ethical designs.

With strategies such as "Save a Sari", Sari raise money and awareness for children in developing countries. On top of this, their company aims also encompass consideration of the environment and fair trade policies.

And with gorgeous items like these on offer, who doesn't want to Save a Sari?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Anti-consumption

A friend of mine made a suggestion yesterday. To coincide with the collection I am producing this year out of entirely recycled materials, I am going to participate in a sub-project.
Starting from now, for the rest of the year, I am not going to purchase a single piece of new fashion or textiles. Every item of clothing and piece of fabric i acquire will be pre-loved.
Considering a lot of my wardrobe is already made up from recycled clothes or pieces made by me, this shouldn't be too daunting. It's the new fabric that will get me...
But actions speak louder than words, so if I want to do my part of thinking global, acting local this is it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

His Way

He did it his way.
Partnering with Vivienne Westwood to create revolutionary street wear and a new movement.
In 1975, Mclaren took over as manager of a band called The Strand, soon to become The Sex Pistols and the soundtrack to the punk subculture.

Vale Malcolm Mclaren. (22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010)

Spending almost 6 months living in hannover in Germany, I encountered many punks- living on the streets as a lifestyle choice, rebelling against the values of their parents.

What was started in a shop called Sex 35 years ago, still lives today.

But maybe just not quite as outspoken as it once was.

(Punks asleep on the stage at Cafe Glocksee, Hannover. Photo taken by yours truly)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now Hear This

Dancing helps the world go round.

And to help the dancing along, a genius Chicago-based artist has created the ultimate suit to dance and move in.

Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Oh what I would give to get my hands on one of these.
In fact, I think I'm going to alter my entire design concept to make more.
The world could NEVER have too many.
(This one's my personal favourite)

Recycled materials have never had such a fun reincarnation.

(Thanks to Poppit for finding these for me. I'll make you one one day.)