Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alba Varden

I feel like I am caught in some kind of cyclical universe where in the end, everything is linked and is trying to tell me something. Fate, for some unknown reason I plan on asking her about one day, is working in my favour. And Alice has something to do with it.
First, after finding Alice Through the Looking Glass sitting next to my computer and reading it, I decided it would make a fabulous theme for my impending graduate collection. All the warped riddles and tricks of the language intrigue and humour me in a very inspiring and back-to-front way.
Then I came across the Alice in Wonderland Art U Wear competition. Making the dress for that resulted in my realisation that costume design was meant for me.
Discussing this realisation with my professor made him consider me when approached by a director of a video clip, looking for someone to style the costumes.
Looking up this band, Alba Varden (which happens to be a German name, Germany being where I spent a large portion of last year living), I discovered their debut EP, from which the single I am costume designing for, Soul Digger, comes is called... Down The Rabbit Hole.


Or is the fact I am turning into a Mad Hatter causing me to try and link things that actually have nothing to do with each other?
Either way, I am mighty excited about it all.

Off we go. Down the rabbit hole.


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