Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oh, and the Frida Kahlo:

As worn by gorgeous model, Lauren, from Chadwick's.


  1. dood how did you make that? i need one for a party next week.

  2. hot glue gun and $2 shop flowers. I need to make 5 more so we can have a frida kahlo meaddress making party?

  3. I really hope that you don't use models so thin that they look like conentration camp inmats!

    Sorry, but I have little time for the nonsence that fashion is and the harm it can cause to young, impressionalble women.

    Best wishes

  4. No, I make all my garments an Australian size 10. I think there is a big difference between people who are genetically thin and those who are sick thin. Lauren is gorgeous, eats healthily, and has an absolutely lovely personality and professional work ethos. I make my sustainable clothes for people who live a sustainable lifestyle.