Tuesday, July 6, 2010

peppermint & cream

Fashion Cents. What the world needs more of. I'm not talking about more cents to spend on fashion. I'm talking about money spent on fashion having sense.
Peppermint magazine, Australia's first eco-conscious fashion mag, will do just that for you. Apart from the 35c from each copy sold going to charity, inside is a plethora of sustainable guru-dom.
It's not just limited to fashion, although its eco-fashion finds are absolutely gorgeous, defying any preconcieved notions of hairy hippies. Music, values, and social issues are also covered.
Oh and remember when magazines used to have a pattern included to make your own something-or-other? Well, peppermint is bringing it back.

It's not only what is inside peppermint's pages that get me excited. It's the other sources referenced. Despite having signed up to various online eco-fashion sources, peppermint manages to find brilliant things I would've otherwise never come across.

And what other magazine prides itself on having a 'covet girl' instead of a cover girl?


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