Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stories from a postcard

There is a spot, on the coast of Italy along the part that eventually links into the French Riviera, where postcards exist in life size.

The colours are like nothing you've ever seen. The bluest blue of the water. The multicoloured terraces in clusters along the coast. There are 5 of these clusters in total, cinque. Cinque Terre.

The boats are perfect- lined up waiting to be taken to sea on an adventure. They fit into the colour scheme perfectly, complementing the houses and water in faded shades of weather-worn beauty.

You fall in love at this place. With the scenery, the people you meet, the pizza, the pesto, the sunsets, the cobblestones, the views, the beaches, the smell. You would be happy if you never had to leave.

But eventually you do. You pull yourself away from the living colour palette. From the picture perfect scenery. From the life you wish you lived.
And head onwards to another adventure.

Always you'll have a place in your heart for the place that locked your heart to its soul and threw the key into the ocean.

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