Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Critical So Fashion

Now I don't speak Italian, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on with all of this, but I have managed to work out that currently, in Milan, a sustainable fashion event is taking place, in an attempt to link Fashion and "Ethical Consumerism".
The aim is to develop a new lifestyle as well as to conjugate trends and innovation.
I think that these images are from the So Critical So Fashion event, however your guess is as good as mine.
(Funny, just yesterday an Italian Opera singer I met in a hostel in Napoli started talking to me on the internet all in Italian. I understood just as much of that as I do of this event's information...)

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  1. Thanks for drawing our attention to the "Do the Right Thing Week in Milan Fashion. There is a lot of waste in the textile industry.....and being an Op shop addict I see it every day.

    Recycling old clothes and materials into high fashion is really catching on and I love the incredible designs that are being created. Once again your resourcefulness has tracked down some wonderful examples.