Thursday, September 9, 2010

When collars grow up

Remember that latest fabric collar I made?
Well today, it grew into a dress.
The process is very relaxing and meditating. Watch out- there might be a whole army of them on the way.
And every piece of fabric was taken from my scrap bag, so happy planet too.


  1. Went back and had a look at the first piece to see how it evolved. It's a very interesting way to go. Gives me the impression of something organic. It is lovely as it is, but was wondering if you are still considering dip dyeing now the collar has grown up?

  2. Hi joan, I am still considering dip dyeing, yes! As it is part of my uni collcetion, i'm going to wait and see feedback from my tutors before taking the next step. I think some subtle dyeing along the bottom layers would add depth.
    Thanks for showing interest!
    cheers, Anna