Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Digging Souls

I have spent two very long days on the set of the Alba Varden video clip.

The story behind the clip follows a man on a journey. He starts off finding his doppleganger brother dead underneath a tree. After burying him, he goes on a journey through fields and mountains, before coming to a door suspended in the middle of nowhere. Going through the door, he finds himself in a room- tied to a chair in front of a stage, where a drunk buresque madam forces a performance on him, and whiskey down his throat. Things start to get crazy, as the madam tries to please her pet bunny-man, before the man finds himself out of the room, but now in a coffin. Digging himself out of the coffin, he is back at the tree. His doppleganger brother is dead, and the story starts again. It was my first experience working as a costume designer. And I think I have found what I'm meant to do... The 2 weeks leading up to the shoot were speant sourcing a bunny suit and rolling around in mud puddles whilst wearing it, borrowing clothes and props from many different generous friends and making trips to bondage stores. (Bunny suit is currently being dry cleaned- let's hope by the time easter is back around, he's white again to please the kiddies).
On set, my job was different. It was all about making sure everyone looked as they should- very very dirty. For future reference, cinnamon makes a great 'dust'

Day 1 was all about the outdoors, and after weeks and weeks of rain, we somehow scored brilliant weather with spectacular sunrise and sunset. From forests, to fields, floating in dams, kangaroos being chased by german shepherds, doors in the middle of nowhere and graves- the day was long, tiring, but a whole lot of fun.
Day 2 was the interiors- coffins, burlesque and bunnies. Friend Baby Blue Bergman did an amazing job as the crazy madam, while I couldn't stop smiling watching her perform- I felt like a proud mum with how professional and gorgeous she was. (Meanwhile the boys in the room were stoked at the private burlesque performance they got to watch performed all afternoon).

By the end, we all decided that what we'd just done was far better than reality. And so I now endeavor to make it my reality.

Alba Varden are back in town for a performance at the Gaelic club in Sydney on July 10th. Make sure you get along. Despite hearing their song at least 50 times in the space of 2 days, I have no issue with the fact it's permanently stuck in my head. And hey- you'll get a bonus performance from Baby Blue Bergman. (bunny man not included)
Photographs by yours truly.

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