Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunrise light fires

I love a good sky. You know the kind- a million different shades of red and yellow, mixed in a marble-type effect that makes you stop, even if only for a second, and admire the natural beauty we get to experience.

Sunrise in the Sahara Desert... Jealous?

About a month ago, whilst at work, I witnessed a sunset so spectacular I made all the kids I was teaching turn around and look out the window to take it in before making them keep on swimming.

Out my bedroom window.

As a result, I've been mucking around with merging sky photos I've taken to turn into atmospheric digital prints. I have always been deterred by the predictability of a digital print, but inspired by the unpredictability of the sky. (Is it just me, or do you often want to capture the colours and make them into a dye?) SO, as a compromise, I have decided to merge the two qualities together and over dye digitally printed skies.

Sunset overlooking Cinque Terre, Italy. Taken whilst eating the most amazing pizza.

It's still a mental image at the moment, but as of tomorrow I'll have living proof!

Oh yeah, just the Eiffel Tower.

To start with though, I thought I'd share with you some of the fantastic skies I've managed to capture with my lense.


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