Monday, June 14, 2010

Rouge and spice

I did something drastic today. I dyed my hair. And we're not just talking about going a lighter shade of blonde (I have only ever really been variations of blonde). We're talking Vivienne Westwood eat your heart out fluoro orange. Powerade orange. Super keen Netherlands supporter orange. Apple Red henna orange...
Look, I probably should've paid more attention when I googled henna dyeing and it told me to be wary if I had already dyed hair. My roots are a lovely dark ochre colour... But where the blonde highlights used to be? Well that's why I have my students telling me they can't take me seriously anymore.
I like to think of it as an eco experiment. Henna natural hair dyes. I know the young hair dresser apprentice who got so excited to peroxide my hair last time I saw him would be devastated at what I've done to my locks, but a change is as good as a holiday they say.
I'm going to keep it for a month or so this colour, then perhaps try the burghundy henna... Maybe that'll be more the 'apple red' I was expecting?
In the meantime, before I have photos of my own orang utan awesomeness, I've been searching for other flaxen haired goddesses to make me feel better. And there are some absolute beauties who I admire and hope I can live up to.

Karen Elson:


Florence Welch:


Vivienne Westwood:


Lisa Weißgerber:

(Awesome German who let me steal her bed for a week while I was homeless. Ironically, she is currently doing an internship with the "wrinkly old orange" listed above her... [Her words, not mine])

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