Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The messenger Bird

Having been around for about 150 million years, birds have had a fair amount of time to sort themselves out. Following seasons and not linear time, seeing things from above, being adept at communication and being receptive to climate change, they have an amazing ability to act as messengers about all kinds of things.

It's these ideas that inspired the name and philosophies of Rachel Bending's sustainable design brand, Bird Textiles.

When I first came across Rachel, as part of the Young Blood Designers Market held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, she had a brand called Sling Fings, which used recycled textiles and powered their sewing machines using solar power. Her methods have always stuck with me, and so when I found a postcard of Sling Fings the other day, I decided to look up where they are now.

The transition from Sling Fings into Bird Textiles has helped to establish Rachel as a pioneer of sustainable design. In 2004, Bird Textiles was recognised as the first Australian company to be 100% climate neutral. Still using solar energy, the company uses sustainable products throughout its entire life, from recycled toilet paper to biodegradable cleaning products, ensuring they are completley self sufficient and offset their carbon emissions.

The Bird Textiles website ( is amazing. You can so easily get lost amongst the images and inspiring text. A truly inspiring brand ethos, working towards inspiring change within the fashion and textile world.

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