Monday, April 26, 2010

Reduce REUSE Recycle

Everything we use, in one way or another, came from the earth. And once we have stopped using it it returns, in one way or another, to the earth. With the nature of a lot of the products being produced these days, the most immediate method of disposal is to chuck it in the wheelie bin and forget about it, leaving it to others to see it safely to landfill.
(Paper bowls!)
But not all products need to end up this way. One website, How to Reuse it Creatively is on a mission to extend the lives of products, providing strategies to remodel materials into new and innovative designs. With step-by-step images, it ensures even the least creatively minded are able to help the environment just a little.

(A bag of cards!)

How far can one item go?
(A tea stand from tea cups and saucers!)

As far as your imagination can take it.

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