Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am a fan of recycling materials into wearable creations.
I've tackled floppy disks, neoprene wetsuits, plastic bags, tea bags, fly screens and old bed sheets, just to name a few. But artist Nancy Judd totally takes the cake with her outstanding designs using things you would never expect. With commissions from some large companies, her couture garments take up to 400 hours to make, and look absolutley stunning.
( Cocktail dress from old rusty nails)
(Plastique Couture)
(Office paper dress)
(Made using parts of a car)
(Fan Mail dress from junk mail)
(Lots and lots of tiny glass pieces glued on!)
(Faux Fur cassette tape coat)
(Plastic bottles cut up)
(Aluminium can beads!)

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